Centralized NAS: Store safely the information of your Stakeholders

Project information

  • Category: Data Lake
  • Client: IBEX 35 TELCO Company
  • Project date: 01 February, 2023

In the realm of corporate information, decentralization often leads to vulnerability, with data scattered across disparate systems and devices, rendering it unprotected, prone to leaks, outdated, and inaccessible. At the heart of our data-driven solutions lies a pivotal mantra: "It's better to have better information than better models." Through robust measures like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) with secure credentials, we establish a globally accessible yet centralized servers that is fortified with protection and real-time monitored. This strategic approach not only safeguards sensitive data but also transforms it into a valuable asset for informed decision-making, ultimately elevating the efficiency and resilience of our clients' operations