Precision Unleashed: Revolutionizing Data Management with Advanced AI Tools

Proactive Precision: AI-Powered Breakdown Prediction for Zenith TELCO Operations

  • Category: Data Management
  • Client: IBEX 35 TELCO Company
  • Project date: 01 March, 2023

In the intricate web of telecommunications, where TELCO companies entrust the installation of internet facilities to field-operations firms, breakdowns can present a formidable challenge. When customers report disruptions, the imperative lies in swiftly discerning the breakdown's location, understanding its nature, and identifying responsibility. Leveraging data extracted from the expansive Data Lake of our TELCO clients, we have engineered a pioneering system. This system goes beyond reactive measures by predicting potential breakdowns in upcoming days and elucidating the underlying reasons. By proactively addressing issues before they manifest, we empower TELCO companies to optimize operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure the seamless functioning of internet facilities.