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Data Scientists & IA Engineer

  • Birthday: 28 Oct 1989
  • City: Madrid, Spain
  • Phone: +34 615.459.600
  • Age: 34
  • Degree: MSc, PhD
  • Email: josemiguelrego@regodata.com

Long experience in the Academia. Consolidated experince in the Industry.

In today's fast-paced business world, the key to success lies in innovating the way companies deal with their data. This innovation is not just about implementing new technologies, but also about learning from each client and from each project to present the best result. Each interaction provides valuable insights, helping to refine processes and approaches. Furthermore, understanding the challenges of mentoring employees and counseling clients is crucial. This involves not only guiding teams through complex data landscapes but also providing expert advice to clients. By combining these elements — innovation in data handling, continuous learning from diverse projects, and effective mentoring and client counseling — companies can achieve a level of service and efficiency that sets them apart in the competitive market.

Embodying the essence of this approach is my motto: 'Long experience in the Academia, Consolidated experience in the Industry.' This slogan captures my deep-rooted understanding from academia and my robust, practical know-how from the industry, blending the best of both worlds to deliver unparalleled solutions."

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Technical Skills

Cloud Service | AWS & GCP
Data Governance
Supervised & Unsupervised Machine Learning
Neural Networks for Tabular Data
Docker & K3s
Computer Vision-based Aplications
Applied LLM

Soft Skills

Team Lead
Open-Mind Communicator
Agile Metodology
Logical Reasoning
Out-of-the-Box Mentality
Conflict Resolution and Negotiation





Train Models

Community Service



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Thank you for the exceptional guidance in implementing AI solutions for our banking operations. Your team's expertise and professionalism have significantly enhanced our efficiency and customer service. Grateful for the transformative impact on our operations.

Antonio Cantón

Financial Agent, Broker & Founder

We extend our sincere appreciation to your consulting firm for the invaluable support in developing and integrating private LLM services into our legal processes. Your team's professionalism, industry knowledge, and dedication to understanding our specific needs have been instrumental. We are thoroughly satisfied with the results.

David Fechenbach

Criminal Attorney & Founder

Gratitude for the outstanding Data Management services implementation in our Field Service Operations. Your team's deep understanding of the industry nuances and commitment to excellence have brought about remarkable improvements. We're delighted with the results and look forward to future collaborations.

Zagros Ardalan

CTO - Seitech

Heartfelt thanks for your consultancy in implementing cloud-based solutions for our small business. Your team's approach, from initial assessment to seamless integration, showcased professionalism and expertise. We're grateful for the personalized attention and the positive transformation it has brought to our operations.

Lucía Pérez de Ayala

Biomedical Project Manager

The incorporation of Computer Vision services, particularly in monitoring proper PPE usage, has revolutionized our safety protocols. The neural network's ability to promptly detect irregularities and send alarms to supervisors ensures a proactive approach to preventing potential hazards, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to maintaining a secure environment.

Belén Pérez

Civil Engineering Project Manager


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Foundation in Management Specialization


IESE, Business School

6-month Course in Business Management

Microsoft Cibersecurity Analyst



2-month Course in WebApp Cibersecurity, VPS, VPN, ZeroTrust Tunnels

PhD Physiology

2018 - 2022

University of Saarland | Saarland, Germany

4-year Doctorand in Neurophysiology

Master of Neuroscience

2017 - 2018

University of Skövde | Skövde, Sweden

1-year Master's degree in Cognitive Neuroscience

Professional Experience

Head of Data Science & AI

2023 - Present

Seitech | Madrid, Spain

  • I diligently monitored staff performance and proactively addressed any issues that arose, ensuring optimal team productivity. Upholding impeccable customer service standards, I adeptly resolved customer problems to maintain the highest levels of service quality
  • I effectively escalated concerns and resolved issues as they arose, fostering a culture of problem-solving and continuous improvement
  • Recognizing the importance of team development, I took a hands-on approach by coaching, mentoring, and training team members to enhance their job performance and skill sets
  • During periods of organizational change or crisis situations, I provided steadfast leadership, guiding the team with clarity and confidence
  • I implemented automated workflows for training, validating, and deploying Machine Learning models in production environments. Keeping abreast of advancements in AI, I researched and implemented SOTA architectures and algorithms used in Neural Networks (TabNet, Keras) and convolutional networks (YOLO)
  • Oversee the efficient use of production project budgets ranging from €2,000 - €25,000
  • Along with CTO, we devised a long-term strategy in IT resources and Data Management that is currently yielding savings of over €5,000 per month


My Services

Data Lake implementation

The concept of a data lake is to store data in its raw and unprocessed form. This centralized system becomes a powerhouse for your organization, enabling it to effortlessly perform diverse analytics and processing tasks on your own data

Data Management & Data Protection

The objective is to clean and organize raw data within the data lake to ensure it is both effectively usable for analysis and securely protected. Our approach includes safeguarding data integrity and world-wide accessibility

Business Intelligence

Transforming complex data into BI: strategically convert insights into tailored strategies, collaborating with stakeholders and providing leadership to drive initiatives aligned with corporate objectives

Computer Vision Applications

Empower your business with our cutting-edge Computer Vision service. We specialize in real-time object and people detection from live camera feeds to static images. We offer innovative solutions to enhance security and streamline operations

LLM Applications

Elevate your business efficiency with our Large Language Models (LLM) service tailored to your specific needs. By deploying customized LLM applications your firm can significantly cut costs and reduce the time spent on processing and managing vast amounts of textual data stored in your system


Embrace a secure future with our comprehensive suite of services, where cybersecurity stands as the cornerstone for every solution we provide. Our applications, natively deployed on the cloud, prioritize cybersecurity to safeguard against potential threats and prevent data leaks


Our Works

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  • Data Management
  • AI-powered Applications
  • Data Lake & Cybersecurity

Data Wrangling

Data Management

PPE Detection

AI-powered Applications

Breakdowns in the Internet Facilities

Data Management

NAS System

Data Lake & Cybersecurity

Encrypted Connections

Data Lake & Cybersecurity

Reschedule Appointments

Data Management

WildFire Detection

AI-powered Applications

Enhanced LLM

AI-powered Applications

Data Guardians

Data Lake & Cybersecurity


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